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Andrew Grear Tipsheet

City of Philadelphia vs. SEPTA


City officials want more say in the SEPTA decision-making process. The city has gone as far as threatening to seize the subways by not renewing its lease with SEPTA. What are the specific parameters of the city’s contract with SEPTA? What is the likelihood of service being interrupted?


Sources: Rumulo Diaz Jr. – City solicitor


               Joseph M Casey – SEPTA chief financial officer


               SEPTA Customer Service - 215-580-7800 



City Hall Revitalization


For several years there has been construction of city hall. There are a few questions that begged to be asked. When is the work supposed to be completed? How long has the work been being done? What time of the day do people actually complete the renovations?


Sources: City Hall Representative – 215-686-1776



Equality in Philadelphia


The city of Philadelphia is making strides towards equality. In fact, Philly is one of the first major cities to publicly advocate gay rights. Driving down broad street one may notice equality flags under street signs. There is even a march down Broad Street June 10th.


Sources: Parade – 215-875-9288



Phillies off to another slow start


The Philadelphia Phillies are off to yet another slow start. There were high expectations for the team coming into the season, but the start of the season could be an indication the team may not be as good as many experts believed. An article exploring the Phillies recent history of slow-starts and fast-finishes would be interesting.






Philadelphia Mayoral Race


Despite the fact that there is a wide-range of coverage of the Philadelphia mayoral race, there are still angles of the story that need to be explored. The public wants to know who front-runners are, and what scandals these candidates are involved in.


Sources - Host of Radio talk Show-


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